Everyone has it in them to become an entrepreneur, and our chapters strive to help girls unleash their inner change-makers. 


What are chapters?

Chapters are local community, school, and college based branches of Girls Who Launch who share our mission and work towards advancing it. Chapters can take various forms, whether it be a high school club or a local church group, be of various sizes, and be focused on furthering different aspects of our mission. In addition to stand alone chapters, we also partner with existing organizations and clubs to create "mini" chapters that will work under the structure of the existing organization and club to advance our mission. 

What do chapters do?

Every chapter has full autonomy over their scheduling and deciding what events and topics they want to focus on. Girls Who Launch will assist each chapter in determining what sort of activities they need to engage with and will assist them in planning and executing these activities. Each chapter will be given a toolkit, which includes access to interactive educational materials, instructions on holding outreach events like workshops within their local communities, as well instructions of executing a variety of fun and interactive activities that foster a spirit of entrepreneurship.  

What are the requirements for becoming a chapter?

Every one of our chapters is unique and charts their own path forward. We recognize that each chapter has its own needs and capacity, and as such, each chapter has autonomy in deciding how to administer itself.  However, there are a few key requirements that each chapter needs to fulfill.

  1. Each chapter needs to meet with the the central Girls Who Launch staff at minimum twice a year. These meetings will go over chapter scheduling, chapter progress, as well as allow our staff to help each chapter maximize its impact. 

  2. Each chapter must hold two at least two events per year. These events can include things like educational workshops for chapter members, fundraisers, community outreach activities etc. Our staff will help you plan out these events. Girls Who Launch is very receptive to fresh ideas, so if you have an idea for an event that is not in the toolkit, our staff will work with you to make it a reality.  

  3. Each chapter must foster a welcoming and friendly environment and perhaps most importantly HAVE FUN!


If you are interested in becoming a chapter or simply learning a little bit more, fill out the following form, and we will be in touch with you shortly!

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